Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided answers to our frequently asked questions on this page. If you do not see an answer, to your question. Please email us at:


I’ve never been to an Indian wedding or event. What should I wear?

Indian events and weddings are the perfect occasions to wear something vibrant and unique. Indian fashion is known for it's bright colors (red, pink, orange), luxurious fabrics (silks and cashmere) and mixed metals (gold, silver, copper). The outfit possibilities are endless. You can pick from the below Indian items or add one of our luxe shawls and opulent jewelry to any Western outfit (pants or dresses) to blend right in. 

Sari - Crop Top with a wrap around skirt and shawl combo

Lengha - Crop Top with a separate skirt and separate shawl (dupatta). 

Suit - Medium to Long Shirt with pants and a shawl

Feel free to contact us with the specifics of your event, and we would be happy to suggest some options for you. 

Will my clothing come unstitched or stitched?

All clothing is labeled as stitched or unstitched in the products description. Most of our outfits are stitched but will need to be altered to your size. 

Where can I get my clothing stitched or altered?

We are happy to alter your clothes for you at an extra charge. Please contact us with your order number and measurements. If we cannot alter them, we can provide suggestions on someone in your area who can. 

Do you ship anywhere? 

Yes we ship worldwide. For Free!

Do you create custom outfits or accessories?

Of course we do! The best thing about Indian clothes is the ability to create custom outfits and accessories. Email us what you are looking for with inspiration pictures, and we will set up a time to chat with you about creating your custom piece. 

Are you only online?

Most of our sales are online only. However, we do pop up from time to time at various locations. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see where we might be. Feel free to send us suggestions on where we should pop up as well!